Earn Miles

With Flying Blue, you earn Miles when you fly but the fun doesn't stop there. Book a night at a hotel, rent a car, splurge at one of our online partner boutiques, choose a bank card that gets you Miles every time you use it… and watch your Miles & XP counter soar higher!

Earn Miles with your tickets

You get Miles with all Air France and KLM flights. The number of Miles you earn depends on the amount of money you spend, as well as your Flying Blue level:

  • Explorers earn 4 Miles for each Euro spent,
  • Silver members earn 6 Miles for each Euro spent,
  • Gold members earn 7 Miles for each Euro spent,
  • Platinum members earn 8 Miles for each Euro spent.

We don't include taxes when we consider your amount but we do include carrier charges and any Options you’ve purchased!


Here's an example

You buy a ticket whose price breaks down as follows:

  • Ticket, not including taxes: €500,
  • Government-imposed taxes and fees: €300,
  • Carrier surcharge: €200.

You're an Explorer: you earn 4 Miles for each Euro spent, not including taxes, so: 4 x €700 = 2,800 Miles.


All you need to do is provide your Flying Blue card number during booking, or better still, log into your account and save time! Miles are added to your Miles & XP counter within 24 hours after your flight. If you buy your tickets using a currency other than the Euro, we’ll do the conversion at the time of your purchase, so that we can calculate the number of Miles you've earned.

Earn Miles on all of your daily expenses

With our Flying Blue partner credit cards, your Miles counter will rise even faster.



Would you like to book a Seat Option, an A la Carte Menu or an additional baggage item? You still earn Miles equal to the amount spent in Euros and depending on your Flying Blue card!


Earn Miles with Flying Blue partners

Car rentals, hotel bookings, online boutiques… There are 1,001 ways to earn Miles. Discover all of our partners on the Flying Blue website.


And to change status?

You collect XP (Experience Points) based on your travel cabin and your flight type. The XP you gain will allow you to change your status.