All of our options for additional, oversized, and overweight baggage

Are you traveling with baggage that exceed the weight and size included in your ticket? Would you like to travel with extra bags? You can!

IMPORTANT: please pay by card at the airport. Some Air France counters do not accept cash payments.

Our Baggage Options

Choose a Baggage Option that works for you! Depending on the option you select, you can pay the extra fee online or at the airport on your departure date. Pro tip: if you purchase your options at least 24 hours before your flight's scheduled departure, you will benefit from a discounted rate!

Online, with discountAt the airport
Additional Baggage Option
Overweight Baggage Option
Oversized Baggage Option

You can purchase multiple Baggage Options at your convenience. Simply add up the number of Options you would like to add to your booking

  • Additional Baggage Option: pay online, with a discount if purchased at least 24 hours before your flight leaves, or at the airport ​
  • Oversized  Baggage Option:  pay at the airport
  • Overweight  Baggage Option:  pay at the airport

Additional Baggage Option

With the Additional Baggage Option, you can travel with one or more extra bags. And by purchasing your option at least 24 hours before your flight's departure, you can benefit from a discounted rate!*

Flying Blue benefits - Use your Miles to purchase your Baggage Option. - Do you have Flying Blue Explorer status? Save 10% on your first additional baggage item!

bluebiz benefits: use your blue credits to purchase your Baggage Option

Additional baggage fees are displayed when you purchase the ticket. Already have your ticket?  Purchase your Additional Baggage Option in My Bookings

* Except for the 1st bag on flights booked with a Light fare between Europe and North America. In this case, the price of the Additional Baggage Option is the same online as at the airport.

Oversized Baggage Option

You can transport a bag with dimensions that exceed 158 cm/62.2 in (height + length + width), so long as it does not go over 300 cm/118 in. The price of an Oversized Baggage Option depends on your booking and must be paid for at the airport.

All baggage that with dimensions between 158 cm/62.2 in. and 300 cm/118 in. must be dropped off at the "Oversized baggage" counter. If your bag's dimensions exceed 300 cm/118 in., please go to the Air France Cargo website for further instructions.

Overweight Baggage Option

You can travel with a bag that weighs more than the baggage weight included in your ticket, so long as it does not exceed 32 kg. The price of an Overweight Baggage option depends on your booking and must be paid for at the airport.

Prohibited and regulated goods verify which goods you can place in your checked baggage

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