Your questions - Security checks

Where can I find information on the body scanner?

In order to improve passenger safety and comfort, the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport is currently testing a body scanner in terminal 2E. On a voluntary basis, passengers traveling to the United States can choose to use this new system. What is it? The body scanner is a security device that uses millimetric waves. It detects suspicious items by generating a 3D holographic image of the passenger. You will find complete information about the new body scanner in the "Aéroports de Paris" website

What security checks are performed on my baggage?

Since the deployment of the French government's security programme, Vigipirate, and similar programmes in other countries, security measures have multiplied. Random, supplementary security checks may be performed on your baggage. Hand baggage: all sharp and blunt objects will be confiscated during security checks of your hand baggage. Checked baggage: each checked piece of baggage must carry a label marked with your name and address. Air France will provide you with labels if you do not have any.

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